Learn how to seamlessly make savings for your future, choose the best remittance option and take action

Wizdraw is collaborating with IBM to help transform the money remittance experience using blockchain technology

We’re building the first joint family financial decision making system which will enable the unbanked population of the world to track expenses, make investment decisions set aside funds and more

Our Technology

Our advanced products and algorithms are leading a change in the current traditional money remittance industry

Wisdom of the Crowd

Improve your financial decision-making with help from the crowd, maximise fund withdrawals at minimal fees based on rankings posted by users

Expenses notifications and budgeting

Providing 24/7 immediate access to upcoming expense notifications, provides family wide visual budgeting solutions based on optimal big data analysis.

GPS location identification

Maps out the best location to withdraw your remittances together with figures and fact lists on and their proximity to your family

Financial planning AI

Based on family financial situations and circumstances, Wizdraw tracks historic transactions, and suggests ways to save, invest and make payments

Who will benefit?

We have managed to create a first of its kind finance planning tool devoted specifically for the needs of the unbanked foreign workers based overseas. Our Joint family decision making algorithm will enable expense tracking, investments decisions, make savings for a better future

Wizdraw KYC

The Wizdraw Blockchain Compliance System

A unique blockchain system based on the Hyperledger Fabric protocol, which the Wizdraw names the “Blockchain Compliance System”. The blockchain compliance system allows Wizdraw to provide, on a permissioned basis, each participant in the Company’s remittance network – receiving agents, commercial banks, and disbursement partners – information and data needed in order to comply with AML, CTF and KYC regulations.

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