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Wizdraw revolutionizes the traditional money remittance industry, by shifting the power away from Money Remittance companies to the sender, and putting an emphasis on how the money is WITHDRAWN by the receiver. No need to shop for best prices on the sender side anymore! WIZDRAW will compare prices and recommend where to withdraw the funds based on GPS based location algorithm. Senders and family all use the same app, plan budgets together, make payments to institutions together, save, invest and much much more.
Wizdraw is a social app. You sign-up for the service via Mobile or Web. You invite your family members to join you in the app, and from that moment on, our system will work together with you and your chosen family members
When you deposit your remittance in one of our accredited agents, your Wizdraw App will show that balance as available for you - now choose what do with it. The technology gets to know your family location and financial personality and communicates naturally by recommending the best pick up locations for you. Based on vast daily analysed data of all Money Distributing Companies operating in your country, our system will show an interactive map with all locations around you - it will now calculate and compare the sum you will receive when withdrawing from them.

The algorithm will ask you to rank the location you have chosen, and help you keep on track. When the service identifies opportunities to decrease spending and increase saving, it suggests automated ways for you to act.
Wizdraw is a totally different experience. When using other apps you are tied up to one single money Transfer Company, you are not actively involved in how the remittance is spent by your family, and have no participation in budgets and goals. We think that in order to be successful with personal finance the experience has to be easy and clever.
Yes. We use the most advanced security measures to make sure your personal data is anonymized and encrypted on our servers. We DO NOT see nor keep your login credentials when you link to our service.
No. Our service is free.
We believe that remittances is not about how you send the money – it is about how you WIZDRAW it. Our service uses Data Science and Remittance Economics to help you make big changes in the way you Withdraw your money wisely and the way you manage your personal finance so you can reach your dreams.

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